We are in the migration business because we enjoy the celebration of diversity and the success it has brought to our country.

Who we are.

We are the team who keep this country ticking. We assist businesses to employ people, we bring families together, assist people to start studying and allow tourists to holiday. Our motto of "borders without boundaries" is a euphemism for minimizing the complexity of migration.


Managing Partner Contact Neha


Partner- Asia Business and Operations Contact Prachi


Client Relationship Manager Asia Contact Him


We go above and beyond for our clients. We do what is normally considered a premium for our clients. We achieve the right results because we ask the right questions. We are a boutique firm that boasts availability towards clients and executes their instructions with the utmost diligence and professionalism.


We don't use confusing or complicated legal-lingo when discussing your matter. We appreciate that our clients are often busy and we make respectful use of their time by conveying essential information in a timely efficient manner. We make complex matter simple to understand. We explain, educate and encourage clients to work with us, as a team to make the difficult decisions together.


Our qualified migration agent extensive knowledge about the legal policies and framework within the Migration Act. You can rest easy knowing that a educated migration proessional is handling your case. Being a migrant herself, rest assured she has your best interests first.


Our fee structure is designed to be as affordable, non complex and easy to understand. At Equiborder, the price is right. No hidden fees. No additional charges. We are fee transparent.

How we work.

1At Equiborder, every prospective client is entitled to a free 20 minute consultation. Once you are comfortable to proceed with us we will begin a preliminary assessment of your application. We may ask you further questions to get a better idea of your situation and clarify the important details.

2 After your second initial meeting with us, we will make a follow up appointment to give you an essential update about your respective migration situation and answer any further questions you may have. This will be an opportunity for you to update your details with us and provide any other information which may be used to assist your application.

3 The last step! congratulations if you've made it this far. The migration process is a challenging, exciting and rewarding experience. We've enjoyed experiencing it with you. By this stage we hope that the last stages of your application are coming together. At this stage we provide preliminary feedback to you from the department of home affairs. If need be, we will update your application with the necessary details to ensure you wont miss a thing.