Australian Investment Visa

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Perfect Investment With the Perfect tenure

The agent is the first national point of contact for all investment consultations. Working in partnership with Australia’s state and territorial governments, the agent can provide your company with the right industry and government contacts and information needed to establish or expand a business in Australia.

The services for international investors are:

  • initial coordination of investment and support consultations
  • information about the company in Australia and regulatory framework
  • market data and investment opportunities

They are granted to people who wish to enter Australia to analyze investment opportunities or to manage existing businesses in Australian territory. They can be granted temporarily or permanently to business owners or executives who manage the investment of a third party. You should also have to know about the australian investment visa now.

The applicant can be a capitalist, a senior entrepreneur or a senior executive. The profile of the interested party will determine the kind of “visa for business people” that corresponds to him. All the modalities are described below:

Visas for business visits

It is granted to applicants wishing to enter Australia for a period of three months with the purpose of carrying out business activities, such as: conducting an exploratory visit to analyze the market; conduct negotiations with Australian companies or conduct a conference or training session.

In this category you can identify several types of visas:

  • Electronic business trip authorization

This is the so-called “Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Business Entrant” visa that can be granted for long visits of up to three months duration, while the passport is valid; or for short visits of up to three months duration each visit in a maximum period of 12 months.

It is granted to interest in attending workshops, seminars, conventions or conferences or to carry out training sessions or informal studies. After that only you can know how to invest in Australia.

  • Short-term business visa

It is the so-called 456 class that is granted to people for visits of maximum three months in order to carry out negotiations, analyze the market for investments or attend conferences and business conventions. This visa allows multiple entries and exits from the Australian territory and grants the holder of the visa the right to take his spouse and dependent children.

  • Short-term sponsored business visa

Named as class 459, it is granted to people who own a sponsor in Australia and who wish to make a visit of less than three months to carry out economic activities that may include a conference, a negotiation or an exploratory visit to make investments.

Candidates for this visa are those who are not eligible to obtain an “electronic business travel authorization”. The sponsors admitted in this category of visas are: a member of the Australian parliament; a representative of the so-called Commonwealth; an Australian territory, a local authority such as a governor or mayor; or any other agency approved by the corresponding ministry.

Temporary visas for business development

These are granted to investors who wish to establish a business in Australia or to senior executives who will lead and manage an existing business. Although these are provisional visas, they offer a way to obtain permanent legal status.