Planning a trip to Australia?

An Australian Visitor visa for people visiting

Are you planning a trip to Australia to visit your children or relatives over there? You have the visitor visa which will be allowing you to do the visit as well as staying in Australia for a period which is short term.  The country or the continent Australia is the best fabulous and the favorite destination for the tourists to visit with its beautiful coastline and the modern living along with the wonders of nature in the country.

The experience in visiting the country is something which is memorable and cherished one for the lifelong time. So, it is time to pack your things. However, the most important thing first to do is getting a visitor visa. If you are planning to visit the country for either the business or the tourism, you have to apply for the Australia visa that is the Australia visitor visa.

Follow the rules

Under the provisions of the Australia visitor visa, tourism refers to the purpose of visiting the family or relatives or friends or just for the sake of recreation also. The other thing is that business can be including the conference or the seminar attendance, deals negotiation or any different kinds of the purposes of the company. There are specific rules and the regulations for the Australia visitor visa subclass 600. They are:

  • Any individual who will be entering the country Australia on the visitor visa will not be permitted working or providing any the services for any kind of business in the country Australia
  • Any individual who enters on the visitor visa Australia cannot sell any good directly or even the services to the public or the citizens of Australia.
  • Any individual who has the intention for doing studies in the natural course which lasts for three months or lesser than that can apply for this Australia visitor visa.

So here are the rules which have to be kept in mind while applying for the visitor visa in the country Australia. There is also a visitor visa for the parents of the citizens of Australia. The patents or the guardians of the residents who are considered to be permanent and the citizens of Australia can make the application for the visitor visa for a period which is longer of the stay. These visas are to be granted based on the evaluation case by case.

The visitor visa Australia is granted as the entry which is multiple entry visitor visas for the period of 5 years of the validation and the staying provision for twelve months at the time. It is also given continuously at the time who are in the queue of subclass 103 visa.

The Australian visitor visa can be granted for the period of 3 years with the validation as well as the provision of the continuous stay and not more than one year at the time of the parents who are not present in the queue of the parent visa.