Tasmanian Skilled 489 Visa Program Updates

Get more information on applying for a subclass 489 Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa.

This visa allows visa holders to stay and work in Tasmania for up to four years. You may be eligible under certain circumstances to apply for permanent residency after you have lived in Tasmania for two years and worked at least 35 hours per week for at least one year during that time.

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If you wish to apply for a Subclass 489 Skilled Regional Provisional Visa you should be aware that:

  • The application for state nomination and the Subclass 489 Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa are separate processes and you should seek the assistance of a migration agent.
  • The State Government of Tasmania manages and assesses your merits for state nomination. It’s assessment and information is then provided to the Department of Home Affairs.
  • The Department of Home Affairs considers the information provided by the State Government of Tasmania against the requirements and merits of your visa application.
  • There is currently (2 August 2019), no state nomination charge from the Tasmanian Government. You will still have to pay the Base Application Charge (Statutory fees) and any reasonable fees incurred from the use of a migration agent.

You should use a migration agent to avoid any delays or incompleteness of your application. It is recommended that you use a migration agent to assist you in preparing your application. You can expect delays in your visa application on the basis of the volume of applications, seasonal peaks and complex visa cases. Read more about the tasmanian program here.