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Which Australian Universities take International Students


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In the morning, surf in the afternoon, barbecue in the evening, Australia is a popular destination for young people who want to study in a stimulating environment while enjoying this unique continent. It’s an opportunity to learn English, experience a whole new experience and meet people from all over the world. A broth of culture enriched with sun and discoveries!

Australian universities: instructions for use


Australia has several of its universities in the top 100 worldwide (World University Rankings 2015). It offers a wide choice of courses, comfortable campuses, modern equipment and speakers available for their students.

Decrypt the Australian education system


Between the different levels, diplomas and types of institutions, it is not always easy to navigate and understand everything!

The Australian education system has 3 levels: primary, secondary and higher education.

Australia is a group of independent states. Each one has its ministry of education and its teaching policy, which means that certain diplomas are recognized only by the state that delivers them. This is valid for primary and secondary. So far the australian universities are concerned, the results are fine.

 It is only from the superior that the regulations change and become common with the AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework).

It is an organizational chart presenting the different degrees offered in higher education. It allows students to choose their study program and orientation according to their professional project. The AQF is national, so it is recognized throughout Australia, as well as internationally.

Primary and secondary education


  • From 6 to 15 years old, schooling is compulsory.
  • It can be done in public schools (free) or private (paying).
  • The school year is generally from mid-January to mid-December.
  • It ends with the Year 12 with the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education.

Higher Education


It is administered by the AQF and begins after Year 12.  It consists of undergraduate studies (Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor) and postgraduate studies (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Master, MBA, PhD).

Let’s focus on higher education


Undergraduate studies or undergraduate studies

These studies can be done

In VET / Vocational Education and Training Centers: These short-term studies (10 weeks to 3 years) prepare students for a particular occupation. The diplomas awarded can open bridges to university courses.

In university: this is the Bachelor Degree which is obtained in 3 or 4 years depending on the field.

Postgraduate studies: second cycle

It takes place in university only and offers 4 diplomas: Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Master and Doctorate (PhD).

Studies in Australia

Register at an Australian university

In October 2009, an agreement was signed between France and Australia to apply mutual recognition of diplomas between the two countries. Students with at least a bac level can go to study in Australia.


Across the continent, there are 37 public and 2 private universities, each with its own recruitment criteria.

However, all requests are on file and admissions conditions may be strict. Year 12 (baccalaureate level) is required in most cases (there are still some possible bridges for non-graduates, good grades and a good level of English, so you will have to go to their website to apply (section ” applying “)


For English, you must have the TOEFL (minimum 90 and have had 21 at each point) or the IELTS (minimum 7 and have had more than 6 in each test), otherwise, you will need to replay one of these tests or perform an upgrade. IELTS scores may vary by program and university.