Becoming an Australian Citizen

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Getting the Best Deals for the Australian Citizenship

Obtaining Australian citizenship is a voluntary act and is a privilege that gives all the advantages and demands the same responsibilities as those who were born in Australia. In addition, it means the definitive affiliation to the Australian community, accepting and sharing the civic values ​​of the nation.

  • The permanent resident in Australia can obtain Australian citizenship while retaining his or her nationality of origin. However, the interested party should consult if the dual nationality is allowed in their country of origin or if, on the contrary, they would lose their nationality when obtaining the Australian nationality.
  • Australian citizens who hold dual nationality must use the Australian passport to enter and leave the country; this obligation does not prevent them from using another passport outside Australian territory. You can apply for australian citizenship and get the deals perfectly now.

Foreigners can apply for Australian citizenship by concession, if any of the following circumstances occur:

  • The claimant is a permanent resident of Australia and meets all eligibility requirements; among them, to have 4 years of legal residence in Australia, including 12 months of permanent residence immediately before applying for citizenship.
  • The applicant is the spouse of an Australian citizen, or is a child, the child of an Australian citizen.
  • The plaintiff is a refugee who has entered Australia for humanitarian reasons.
  • The applicant is a British or New Zealand citizen and has lived in Australia for many years. You may also be a beneficiary of the Commonwealth Migration Plan.

The plaintiff is a citizen born in Papua before independence in 1975. In addition, there are certain legal figures that favor obtaining Australian nationality in very specific cases:

  • Citizenship by descent: which may be requested by citizens who were born abroad from a father or mother of Australian nationality?
  • Citizenship by adoption: granted to those who have been adopted by an Australian citizen.
  • Citizenship for resumption: granted to those who have lost their Australian citizenship.

All children born in Australian territory of parents who have permanent residence are automatically Australian nationals. For becoming an australian citizen this is also a very important factor.

In fact, Australian citizens of birth are all citizens who were born in Australia after August 20, 1986 of permanent resident parents. Citizens who were born in Australia after August 20, 1986 of parents who are not permanent residents or Australian citizens can obtain Australian citizenship automatically upon reaching the age of 10 years.

Apply for Australian citizenship

To apply for Australian citizenship by concession, you must fill out an application form and submit it to the authority along with the required personal documents and the corresponding payment for administrative expenses.

In addition, it is a condition “sine qua non” to reside in Australian territory at the time of submitting the application and at the time of obtaining approval. Those who apply for citizenship by descent, adoption and resumption are exempted from this compliance.

The interested party must determine the type of citizenship application that suits their personal circumstances.

Permanent residents must also comply with the residency requirements contained in the “Australian Citizenship Act 2007”, which consist of:

Possess 4 years of legal residence in Australia (that is, with a permanent or temporary visa), including 12 months as a permanent resident immediately before applying for citizenship.

The applicant can not have more than 12 months of absence in total in the 4 years of legal residence in Australia, including no more than 90 days of absence during the 12 months immediately preceding the application for citizenship.