Can a Nurse get Permanent Residency in Australia?

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Essential Options for the Proper PR options in Australia

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) is the organization responsible for regulating the national accreditation needed to work in the health sector in Australia. On its website, we have found a lot of information about the procedures and requirements that foreigners must meet in order to work in the nursing sector.

On his page you will also find information about the process to work in Australia that chiropractors, doctors, therapists, opticians, osteopaths, pharmacists and podiatrists should perform.

Yes, the website is in English. That’s why, below, we’ll guide you a bit so you can understand the process, the basic requirements and the essential criteria to be able to work as a nurse in Australia. If you ask can a nurse get pr in Australia then you should have the options there.

The recommended process to get a job as a nurse in Australia is:

  • Check that you meet the basic requirements.
  • Verify that you meet the minimum criteria.
  • Fill out the form and support it with the necessary documentation.
  • Send it to the NMBA and keep in contact with them so they can ask for what they need.
  • Receive your final decision: approved, you must do a bridging course, or denied.

What are the basic requirements?

At least they will ask you for documents to verify your identity, show that you have no criminal background and a high level of English (for example: a 7 in all parts of the IELTS or an 8 in the OET ) in addition to your work experience.

What are the necessary criteria?

Before starting the process, check that you meet all the NMBA criteria necessary to practice your profession in the country. The criteria are:

  1. Present a copy of the university degree certified and translated.
  2. Check that the nursing degree in your country was accredited and registered by an external agency when you studied. This point is not met by people with degrees from Spain and Colombia for not having such external accreditation. Here you have more information about it.
  3. Demonstrate with official documents that your studies included 800 hours of practice in the nursing sector.
  4. Show that the curriculum of your university was based on nursing and its most important aspects. You must prove it with official documents and in English. Search your study plan online or ask the entity where you made your career!
  5. Present a copy of your notes. Check that you have all the subjects approved and the race finished. If you ask can a teacher get pr in Australia then also you need to note the reply.
  6. Demonstrate that your university confirms that with your current degree you have knowledge in the handling of drugs.

If you meet each and every one of the criteria, you can register as a nurse directly. If this is not your case, as it usually happens to the majority of Spaniards in this industry, demonstrating your university degree completed (point 1) and the 800 hours of practice (point 3) will invite you to do a bridging course or course  and once finished you can register as sick . If you do not meet these two criteria (neither point 1 nor point 3), your request will be denied. If you see the process too complicated or you have been denied the request, do not give up!