Australian Migration

About Australian Migration

Equiborder is an Australian Licensed Migration Agent. Equiborder provides a wide range of legal advice with respect to migration, migrating to Australia and applying for an Australian visa.

The firm focuses on bringing families together from all over the world, regardless of the country. Our commitment to our clients is large in number but summarized as Transparent, communicative, cost-effective, efficient and accessible. We provide several Immigration Advice based service models as well as fixed-fee visa service models.

Our Migration Agents

Our migration agent is licensed to provide advice and visa services for both temporary and permanent visas. We provide advice and services in the following sub classes: Family, Business, skilled and Permanent Residency, Visitor Visa and Retirement as well as Student Visas.

Equiborder has several offices around the world Including India, Iran, China and Australia. You can contact Equiborder for a free, no obligation inquiry and we will be happy to Assist your Further. All of our clients enjoy a service that protects their rights with all costs, disbursements, services and advice’s set out in a contract for our services.

Our Migration Agency

This is once of our ways in which we can enforce out commitment to transparency and be help accountable by stakeholders. Your relationship with our Migration agent will depend on a number of factors including the information you provide to us in your application, the timeliness of your payments and whether or not there are any outstanding requests from us you have yet to honor.

The success of your visa whilst is dependent on your individual circumstances can also be impacted upon the information you provide us, your responsiveness as to meet deadlines pursuant to Department of Home Affairs policies and guidelines as well as your commitment to the contract in which you have engaged us.

Working in Australia

When you want to go and work in Australia, you would require a work permit, which will authorize you to operate there without a hassle. It is a country which welcomes skilled international workers to work on its soil and contribute towards its economy. With the issuance of this permit, you will be able to …

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