Employment Sponsorship

Our migration agents can assist you in sponsoring skilled labour to help you grow your business.

Employment Sponsorship is only available to businesses if they are approved sponsors or via the prescribed labour agreement stream.

Employment Sponsorship

Employment sponsorship is a process where an approved employer by stream or labour agreement, sponsors an employee to work for a nominated period. The Employer must have approval from the Department of Home Affairs to engage in employment sponsorship.

Employment Sponsorship allows the employee to have a visa to live and work in Australia for a specific period. Depending on the conditions of your visa, you may be eligible to progress to Provisional Permanent Residency or Permanent Residency Outright, subject to specific conditions on your visa and your individual circumstances.

Some Employment Sponsorship arrangements allow you to bring dependents. Dependents are usually considered to be members of your immediate family unit such as children under the age of 21 or your spouse. These arrangements are best organised by your Migration Agent.

Your Employment Sponsor / Employer must not pass on any expenses of the training associated with your sponsorship, immigration costs or general costs incurred with your Employment Sponsor / Employer.

Individual Assessment


Business Assessment


Applying to become an Approved Business Sponsor


Drafting an Approved Labour Agreement


Assessing Economic Impact


Pre-approved Industries

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