Foreign Investment in Australia

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Fine Immigrants for the Fine Investment

For specific type of immigrant, Australia offers the “General Skilled Migration Program” , conceived especially for workers between 18 and 45 years old, who possess professional skills and work experience in high demand occupations in the Australian market. Now with the foreign investor in Australia the scenario has changed.

Under this program, there are three types of primary visas:

  • Visa for Qualified Independent Worker (Skilled-Independent visa, subclass 189)
  • Visa for Qualified Worker with Nomination (Skilled-Nominated visa, subclass 190)
  • Temporary Visa for Qualified Worker of Regions (Skilled Regional Provisional visa, subclass 489)

Requirements of the Qualified Immigration Program of Australia

Those interested in immigrating to Australia under the Qualified Immigration Program must meet the following basic requirements:

  • Be less than 45 years old
  • Have sufficient command of the English language to work in Australia. The proper handling of the language is one of the greatest demands made by immigration authorities. The candidate must have, at least, a level equivalent to 6 points in the four components (conversation, reading, writing and comprehension) of the IETLS exam.
  • Be accredited for the practice of a profession in demand in the Australian labor market. If the profession of the candidate is not in one of the two official lists of professions in demand, he can not apply under this system. In this case, you can review the other types of visa offered by the Australian system.

Have an academic title

  • A university technical degree (diploma of post-secondary studies) is required as a minimum.
  • Demonstrate recent and continuous work experience in the area of ​​competence.

The candidate must also reach the minimum score required in the call Test Points (Points Test), which is a selection system immigrants used by the Australian authorities, according to which points are awarded to candidates possessing certain attributes considered relevant to Australia.

In addition, an Expression of Interest (EOI) must be made in the system called SkillSelect, and comply with the requirements of the type of visa for which an immigration application is to be made. The Expression of Interest is a formal manifestation of the desire to immigrate to Australia, which is stored in the electronic system, where the candidate can be selected by an Australian employer or by the government of a state or territory to initiate an immigration process. All the details of this process is in Qualified Online Selection. The skilled migration visa is important here.

Professional Validations

Another important step is the demonstration by the candidate that he possesses the appropriate competencies in the occupation he declared in his visa application.

There are Australian authorities that can perform the evaluation in each of the professions of the List of occupations in the medium and long term. It is the responsibility of the interested party to contact the authority that can evaluate their occupation. Each authority has its own requirements for the qualification, procedures, terms and tariffs for the collection of the service.

This professional validation is an essential requirement for the immigration authorities to process the candidate’s visa application. Visas for skilled workers The Qualified Immigration Program offers different types of visas for professional foreigners and qualified technicians, eager to work and live in Australia.