Getting Permanent Residency with a PhD

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If there is something true in life is that this country falls in love. Whether you come for a couple of months to study English or a couple of years to do your career, you will always want to stay a little longer; In fact, there are those who ask ourselves, how can I stay to stay forever?

Well, if living in this country is your goal, here we show you the five ways that to date are being used more by immigrants to fulfill the dream of getting their residence in Australia, and to stay enjoying the beautiful Australian landscapes, its extraordinary cultural wealth and obviously, their excellent salaries.

With Skilled Visa

This is the most common option for those who decide to process a permanent immigration visa. To apply for a Skilled Visa your profession must be on the list of Occupations in Demand – SOL  and you must add at least 60 points in the table of points of the Australian Government (here is all very well explained). It should be remembered that many professions have limited places, so when completed, they do not receive new applications. For the PhD permenant residency visa as well you will have to follow the same options.

With a Regional Skilled Visa

The world does not end if your profession is not on the SOL list, because you also have the opportunity to find it on the Regional List. This list has the professions that are being required by each state; then, people with your experience may not be needed in Australia in general, but they may be needed in the state of Queensland.

Perhaps you have heard of this type of visa before, because it is the one in which you must live for a minimum of two years to the state to which you made the request. To be a true scholar you have to keep thin in mind.

The most common ways to obtain residence in Australia

Tasmania is one of the most beautiful regions of Australia and one of the most opportunities for immigrants to obtain their residence.

With a Sponsorship

With this type of visa the process is the opposite; here you do not ask for the visa, but your employer requests it for you. In this order of ideas, the first thing you should do is get a job in Australia and give the best of your abilities so that the company is interested in having you as one of its assets. To obtain this type of visa it works very well to volunteer first, because that gives you the opportunity to enter the companies and once inside, prove that you are a valuable and necessary employee, an employee for whom it is worth doing the Procedure.

Residence in Australia With Auto-Sponsorship

This is a relatively new and unknown option for many people, however it is one of the easiest ways to achieve residency if you are an enterprising and disciplined person. All that is needed is to have a legally constituted company in Australia (and when we say company is a company, not a person). Your company, in addition to a business plan, must have a vacancy to be occupied by a “qualified worker”, this position can not be easily carried out by an Australian citizen and instead, it is you who has the necessary skills to do it (something as well as design a charge that you could only exercise).