How to apply for a tourist visa

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Visitors to Australia holding a passport issued by a country other than Canada, United States, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Taiwan, European Union and some Caribbean Islands must apply for a visa in order to be allowed to travel to Australia; whether for a simple tourist visit or to spend a few weeks with their loved ones.

If you come from a country for which a visa is required to travel to Australia, then the article below will certainly interest you. You can also get the free immigration help from here.

Key factors to know

Did you know that depending on your profile, your travel histories and the way your application was submitted, the Immigration Officer – based in the visa office attached to your country of residence – will decide to grant you or you’re not your tourist visa? If you don’t know how to apply for a tourist visa then it is for sure that you will be having the perfect support now.

So how do you evaluate your chances of seeing you issue a visa for Australia? How do you know if the evidence and documents submitted are sufficient to convince the visa officer that you meet all the criteria requested? What are the positive and negative factors that work in your favor or against you at the time of the Agent’s decision? Few Immigration Consultants or Lawyers will be inclined to disclose this important information outside of a paid consultation.

Positive factors

What are the criteria that will help you maximize your chances of obtaining a tourist visa for Australia? Here they are:

  • You are a citizen of the country in which you live permanently
  • The country of your permanent residence is economically stable
  • You have a fixed and well-paid job (for proof, a letter from your employer will be required which will detail your position, your salary, the date you were hired and the vacation period you were granted).
  • You have a wife / husband (or common-law partner) and children who do not accompany you to Australia
  • You are the owner of one or more companies (proof of registration of your company / s, financial statements of your company / s)
  • You have a good financial situation (bank statements in support)
  • You have already traveled to Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom or France
  • You own property in your country of residence
  • You know someone in Australia who invites you (friend or family member) and who has legal status in the country (citizen, permanent resident, student with a study permit)

Of course, none of these factors should be considered in isolation (unless an ineligibility has been established) to explain a visa assignment or refusal. What will be taken into account are the various components of your file (as a whole) that will have or not, convince the Immigration Agent to grant you a visa for Australia.

This information will undoubtedly help you to prepare your visa application for Australia and / or to better understand why you have, in the past, been refused a similar request. In the event that doubts / questions remain, do not hesitate to consult a Regulated Consultant or Lawyer: in Australian immigration law, we are never too informed!