How to apply for state sponsership

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How to apply for state Sponsorship


At a certain time on the Australian territory, you will perhaps want to become a citizen, to obtain a certain security and a small piece of paper which will validate somehow all these years spent on the territory. Good news for the French: it is quite possible to become an Australian citizen without renouncing French nationality. So why deprive yourself? Of course, you must first make sure you are eligible, take a test, provide papers and pay a few hundred dollars. But the steps to get the precious sesame are rather simple, you’ll see.

In July 2017, the Australian government proposed to change the conditions for Australian citizenship. The proposal having been refused in the Senate, the law has not changed. If you need to know how to get australian residency then you will have to read the rest.

Why become an Australian citizen?

U nice Australian permanent residence acquired, the path to citizenship is hardly any trace. Unlike permanent residence, which you will lose if you leave the country for too long, citizenship is valid for life. You will get the same benefits as people born in Australia, such as an Australian passport, the right to vote, etc.

For the Australian Government, this also means that you are committed to Australia and all that this country represents. You will now have rights as well as homework. You must obey the law, defend Australia if necessary, be part of a jury if you are called to do so or vote in all local or federal elections (the vote is indeed mandatory in Australia, under penalty of fine).

But you will also have the right to work in Australian public services or the military, to be elected to parliament, to receive help from Australia from abroad, or to apply for citizenship Australian for your children even if they are born in another country.

Australian citizenship costs only $ 325, a small fee compared to the cost of permanent residence, which can easily reach $ 10,000.

Check eligibility and gather documents

O n can obtain Australian citizenship by descent or adoption. Most of us will have to fill out the general form 1300t (Australian citizenship – General eligibility for 18 years old and over and under 60 years of age). Children under 15 are usually included in their parents’ application. You can start filling out this document if you are in the required age range, have gathered the necessary documents and meet the eligibility criteria. You should also see how to apply state sponsorship in this case.

Australian Citizenship

As a general rule, it is after a minimum of 4 years in the country (with a maximum of 90 days abroad last year, and not more than 12 months in total), including one year of permanent residence, that you will be entitled to apply for Australian citizenship .

All applicants for citizenship must also prove their identity. You will need to provide three original documents that collectively show: your photograph, your signature, your address of residence, proof of your date, place and name of birth, but also proof of the change of your name, if any.