How to get an Australian Visa

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Getting an Australian Visa


The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection receives tens of thousands of visa applications each year. Many thousands are denied for fraud or ineligibility, but some are because of simple mistakes. Those who have already applied for a visa know that it can be very complex. Glenn Rayner, Migration Agent in Adelaide, says the Australian government has tightened the rules in recent years.

“It’s sometimes difficult to contact the department if you have a problem. Before, it was possible to call them and have a discussion. But not anymore, “he says.

You need proof


Whether you’re talking about a work Australian visa or a partner, you’ll need a lot of evidence of what you’re doing. All proof documents are not created equal; government documents are taken more seriously.

For the Partner Visa, it is necessary to include as many documents as possible, including common invoices, joint account statements and detailed statements of relatives.

Experts recommend continuing to update your file (with Christmas photos, airline tickets, etc.) while you are waiting for an answer: “It sends a clear message that you are taking the visa and your relationship seriously.”



Good organization and clear labeling will help your case officer and your application.

Be consistent


  • Make sure you have the same information on all your documents. A date error on a document may raise the doubt of the Department of Immigration.
  • The lesson is to keep your old documents and applications to make sure you’re consistent when you fill in new documents.

Be honest


If you get caught lying, you will not only run the risk of being denied your visa, but also of being banned from applying again for several years. It is especially important to be honest about the 80 form on character evaluation. You have to mention everything related to your character. If you were charged with impaired driving, even if it was 20 years ago, you have to mention it.

If you lie about your identity, you may not be allowed to apply again for ten years. If you lie about something else, you can be banned for three years.

Be organized


By being organized, mounting your file will be easier for, and it will especially facilitate the task to whoever will study your file. Make a cover page for each section and make sure everything is in chronological order. For foreign language documents, include the original and a certified translation. If you apply online, name your documents clearly.

Clean up your profiles on social networks


The immigration department can take a look at your profiles on social networks. If you mentioned on your Facebook page that you were in a relationship with your best friend, jokingly, while applying for a Partner Visa with someone else, it could be a problem for you. Same thing if you indicate online that you are part of a certain religion, and that you indicate another religion on your forms. Perfect deals are there now and that is the reason that you will be able to have the essential opportunities.