How to Prevent Student Visa Fraud

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Essential options for the Student Visa in Every Possible Way

That’s it, you’re finally accepted at the Australian university! So you have in one hand your letter of offer, in the other, your confirmation of registration. The next step before the big departure is the student visa. But, how to apply? On the internet, by mail or in person? Step by step, we guide you through the steps.

Apply for a student visa First thing, find out about the student visa: the principle, the eligibility criteria and the obligations to be respected. As there are many immigration fraud cases, the authorities are strict on checking the requirements.

Student visas in Australia, how does it work?

  • This makes you ready to apply for a student visa!
  • Student visa application by internet
  • The student visa application is only on the internet!

Check and scan the documents you need – for this you need to find out details about your visa (on the immigration website Documents must also be translated into English by a certified translator. Then, write down your Confirmation of Enrollment (eCoE) number. You can then follow the steps described below:

Visit the Australian Immigration website:

  • The visa you are interested in, to start a study program in Australia, is the Student visa (subclass 500).
  • Create an Immigration Account and log in:
  • With this system, you can always save your request to finish later and / or add additional documents (but not beyond 28 days).

Fill in the required fields:

  • Above all, use only letters (lowercase and uppercase), numbers and dashes.
  • Send the request and keep your TRN:
  • Once the application is filed, in addition to a payment receipt, you will have a number to keep, the Transaction Reference Number (TRN). It is essential for:
  • Identify yourself in order to contact the Immigration Department in Australia.
  • Track the progress of your online application.

Receive approval of your student visa application:

If all is well, you will receive a Notification of Grant Letter by e-mail. We advise you to print it and keep it with you while traveling. This includes:

  • The Visa Grant Number (the visa number granted)
  • The validity date and the conditions of your visa

Once your application is accepted, Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) allows you to have access to all your visa information (file number, rights, obligations, etc.) for the duration of your stay. Also, keep your password safe! Now that you know how to apply for a student visa the options will be perfect for you.

Some additional information to note

Your passport must be valid until six months after the date of filing. It is with this one, of course, that you will travel. If you made a mistake while completing the application, simply log in to your Immigration Account with your transaction number (TRN). You can then add documents, update your passport details, change your email address, and more. Finally, be patient because the waiting time to get a student visa is about four weeks. After that, all you have to do is buy your plane ticket to realize your dream and go to the other side of the world.