Let’s talk about the term ‘visa’.

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Visa: an endorsement on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave or stay stay for a specific time in a country. Most countries have a specific criteria and process which must be followed before someone can be eligible to be granted a visa.

A visa is considered to be a privilege. The word ‘Visa‘ comes from the latin abbreviation of “charta visa” which translate into “document that has been seen”.

Typically a visa is an agreement to confer a grant onto the holder by the issuing authority. The Issuing authority is usually an empowered entity such as a government department.

As visas are typically legally binding between a government department and the visa holder the terms and conditions of the visa must be valid rules, regulations or statute. In Australia these terms and conditions are tabled as regulations which are authorized by the parent act.

The Migration regulations are categorized by what is called delegated legislation which is exclusively managed by the Department of Home Affairs. The DHA is the government entity which issues a visa to an eligible visa holder giving that permission permission to enter Australia.