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Welcome to Equiborder Mumbai. Let us assist you to get your very own Australian Visa. Our team, Prachi and Gautam are friendly professionals who are willing to do their best to ensure that your experience with Equiborder is incredible. Equiborder provides a 5-star service including applying for a Student Visa, Subclass 189/190 PR, Visitor Visa, Family and Spousal Visa as well as, business and investor visas. Let us manage your Australian Visa in Mumbai, Borivali West.

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How can Equiborder help you get your Australian Visa in Mumbai?

Equiborder provides all the assistance you need so that you can feel safe, comfortable and reassured throughout the Australian Visa application process whilst you are in Mumbai. It’s important to note that there are different processes for different goals. Depending on the Australian Visa which you want there are different requirements and costs involved. These costs are explained in a costs agreement, this agreement is provided to you which explains the work we are going to carry out on your behalf and the costs which you are expected to pay us in exchange for the services which we provide you.

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How to contact your MARA Agent in Mumbai. Your Borivali West Migration Agent

If you want to get in touch with a Migration Agent or a Mara Agent in Borivali West, Mumbai then you have come to the right place. Equiborder knows that not all cases are the same which is why we encourage all of our prospective clients to instruct us on what they want to accomplish. We will do everything we can to ensure that our office makes every avenue of inquiry to ensure that all possible visa options for you are explored with the utmost sincerity, professionalism and execution.

By choosing Equiborder to apply for your student visa subclass 500, Independent Skilled Migrant Visa 189 or your visitor visa with Equiborder, you know that you are getting an accountable, professional and reliable service that will do it's best to ensure that every avenue of research is undertaken. Therefore, you know that you should choose Equiborder as your mumbai mara agent.

Mumbai Office Location:
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The process of applying for an Australian Visa in Mumbai with a Migration Agent in Borivali West

The process of applying for any visa is extremely complex, especially for the general public as they do not have access to the PAM3 manuals and instructions for visa application process. PAM3 is the department of home affairs internal policy and visa manual which is only accessible by mara agents or migration agents. Lucky for you there is a mara agent in Mumbai that has access to the PAM3 instruction manual, so you are in good hands.

The first step to making any application is to get the opinion of a migration professional, you should try and get this opinion in writing, some places may charge 5,000INR for it but that opinion could make all the difference as to whether you decide to go ahead or not.

The second step is to provide instructions to your migration agent as to which visas you would like to apply for, you should not that the MARA agent Is bound by a code of conduct and will only action your request on visas which you are eligible for. You should note that any cost agreement which has been provided to you needs to be abide by from both sides. This means that clients should make every effort to pay before the payment is due, in order, to have a strong relationship.

Once all of your accounts have been paid, your mara agent in Mumbai will be more than happy to process all the requirements and explain everything which you need to success in your visa application.

What are the costs involved with retaining an experienced and educated mara agent in borivali west to apply for an Australian Visa in Mumbai?

Depending on your visa you should expect to budget:

  • Student Visa SC 500;  up to $500AUD
  • PR Visa SC 189/190; up to $3,000AUD
  • Visitor visa SC 600; up to $1200AUD
  • Spousal and family; up to $1200AUD
  • Business Visa; up to $17,000AUD

Therefore, you should call us as soon as possible to ensure that Equiborder, your MARA agent every aspect of your application can be strengthen as much as possible.

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How to get Australia visa mumbai?

Migration has become a significant part of Australia’s economy. There are people migrating to developed countries to meet the labour demand and for better prospects in life. A world population of 3% has seen to migrate to other countries over the years. Equiborder has MARA Agents whom can assist you and are based in Mumbai. This exodus cannot be predicted as there will political factors also causing the numbers to increase too.

This migration is not gender biased and there has been a steady influx of women and children crossing over as migrants to various countries of the world. There is a great variation of skill levels that migrate, and they join the workforce based on their relevant occupation category as they form an important driver for economic growth. Make sure you consult with a Mumbai based mara agent to ensure that you can access the right consultant for you in your area.

Every country has their own migration policies and without the knowledge of these, you trying to enter the country would cause issues, this is why you should consult a migration agent in Mumbai. There are people who are employing such kinds of means to do so and it would be inconsistent also contradictory to what has to adhere to enter the country of migration legally.

There has been a big global change in terms of accepting migrants and there are various sanctions imposed as not allow migration happening and there has been a steadfast lobbying taking place to halt the process altogether. There are political shifts happening throughout Europe, this is a result of the hardening of migration policies, which comes as a result of a failure to vet a large number of people entering the EU. Australia does not have such problems as they vet all prospective visa applicants with the help of Mara agents in mumbai who are also known as Mumbai Mara agents.

Mumbai Mara Agents will explain the Australian Visa process to you

A properly managed migration process can contribute to the economic growth, create jobs, bring about innovation, accelerate competitiveness as well as try to counteract against the unproductive population of the country such as the aged and decline in population growth in many countries. Australia has a merit-based immigration system which means that Australia only provides visas to the most skilled and educated of migrants.

Australia merit-based system is designed so that the skilled migrants which have an excess of 65 points on their visa can contribute to the economy by having the English skills, qualifications and professional experience to be able to find work inside of their occupation. However, the best migration agents in mumbai will provide you with legal methods to ensure that your application has the most points possible to be able to succeed with the immigration process to get their visa and visa Australia.

Australia acknowledges the economic contribution that every migrant brings with them when they work, study or visit Australia. It is one of the reasons why Australia has had such success as a very liberal and egalitarian country. When you want to migrate to Australia get the help of Mara agent Borivali west.

However, there is more political pressure than ever to ensure that migrants who do intend to settle in Australia to ensure that they are equipped and ready to work within the occupation their visa approval was based on. Some of these suggestions include increasing the standard of English and education, as well as ensuring that any applicants under 30 years of age have at least studied in Australia for two years. These suggestions have yet to be debated in parliament.