Study in Australia

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Study in Australia


Perfect Country and Perfect Study Opportunities


Australia is a country that is more and more dreaming of students from all over the world! Do you still doubt? In this article we will give you all our little tips to study in Australia: good plans, administrative steps and you go.


Go study in Australia and discover the land of kangaroos


Admittedly, Australia is a much better country than England. Idyllic climate, hectic student life and many activities await you! Only problem, we will have to save a lot of savings to study in one of the universities of the country. However you can very well inform yourself with your school or university to find out if they have a partnership with an Australian university. This type of partnership being very much that will surely be able to lighten your administrative procedures. To study in australia you will need to know the following.


Administrative steps to study in Australia


As you can imagine, to expatriate in a country so far, it will not be done overnight. It will indeed take about 9 months of preparation because the formalities take time!

You also need to know that classes do not start in September as at home but in July. Applying for an Australian university is a bit of a bid for the perfect job. You will have to go to each of the university sites and apply individually and individually. Note that you will be selected on your file and your level of English will be particularly watched.


Student life in Australia


Let’s talk a bit about the things that annoy: the amount to study in Australia. The cost of studies varies a year depending on the duration and the course followed, which, we understand, represents a significant sum! However, and here again we are here for you first and foremost, you must know that there are scholarships when you go to study in Australia, try to inform you to be able, if that is the case, to realize a dream of kid !

You will receive your visa within a maximum of 2 months. And the little more? The visa will also allow you to work part-time during your entire studies in Australia.

Australia is not only a paradise for surfers and lovers of wide open spaces. The island-continent of the southern hemisphere is also a very modern ultra-modern country (+ 3% in 2011) to envy the leaders of old Europe. Add to that a low unemployment rate (5.2% in 2010) in a country of 22 million people as big as 14 times France, and you will understand why, in autumn 2011, the Australian government decided to to open even more doors for young internationals by changing the student visa .

From now on, after a bachelor(equivalent to a bachelor’s degree) or a master’s degree awarded in Australia, a student may stay working for up to two years, and even up to four years if he has a higher degree (research master, doctorate, etc.). Finally, Australian universities have many exchange programs with other continents and especially Asia nearby.

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