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Equiborder is an enthusiastic migration firm with a focus on celebrating diversity and bringing people from different cultural identities together. We are a boutique firm with an interest in supporting people with their journy to Australia. We are equipped to support applicants and will endeavor to support their transition to Australia, allowing them to call Australia Home. Equiborder specializes in a variety of substantial visas including: Family Visa, Working and Skills Visa, Student Visa, Permanent Visa and Visitor Visa. At Equiborder we do more for our clients, we celebrate their successes, because we believe that their future is our future.

Our commonsense fees and transparent process allows clients going through all stages of their journey to place their needed trust within Equiborder. Equiborder is a Mara Licensed Boutique Immigration Agency in Sydney that has been founded by a migrant who is passionate about assisting people of all backgrounds to achieve their dreams within Australia.
About Us

Your Visa, Simplified.

Our Principle Migration Agent, Neha A Manek (B. Com) is an Experienced and Professional Migration Agent registered with the Australian Migration Agents Authority (MARA). Equiborder- Borders Without Boundaries our professional practice is regulated and bound by the Migration Agents Code of Conduct.  Based on our Principles extensive experience having both studied in Australia and having been a migrant herself established Equiborder to assist families, friends and colleagues to start their journey in Australia.

Our customer registration process begins from the minute you call us. You can expect us to provide the most appropriate migration advice to you, your family, your friends and your colleagues. Our migration advice is highly specialised and dependant on the information that you provide to us. On our initial contact you can:

  • Tell us about your situation, your background and circumstances; and
  • Tell us why you want to stay or visit in Australia; and
  • What goals and expectations you have about coming to or staying in Australia.

If you are seeking a Professional – Affordable Migration Agent continue reading!

Call us now so we can deliver the positive outcomes for your Australian Visa. We can help you with your goals of moving or staying in Australia.

Our Commitments to you:

Free Advice

Your first one-hour appointment with our migration agent is free. Refer a friend and get an additional 2 hours free.

Hands on approach

Our team will assist you with the entire process such as filing of documents, preparation of documents and lodgement of application to the Department of Home Affairs.

Expertly tailored advice

Our Professional Migration Agent will assess your circumstances with the information you provide us and develop a strategy to ensure you can migrate to Australia.  Our approach can ensure that you will get the best outcome possible for visa process. Once you have been granted your visa, we will advice you the next steps and ensure that if you have a spouse or any dependents they can accompany you.

Getting into Australia is a goal for many people but due the complex process of assessing applicant criteria when applying for the visa- it is often way to difficult for most people. Equiborder- Borders Without Boundaries, can assist you throughout the entire visa process. We will save you time, money and the stress that comes with the uncertainty with the visa application. Neha Ashok Manek is a Professional Migration Agent find the most suitable visa for your circumstances and the information you provide.

We are always researching on how we can improve our client experience and professional expertise. Through our commitment and dedication to provide the best outcome we can for you- we are confident that we can deliver the results that our competitors cannot. Having been a migrant myself, I understand how important migrating to Australia is. I understand the frustrations, anxiety and the uncertainty that my clients experience on a day to day basis. By communicating with my clients on a weekly basis- I make the effort to keep client stress to a minimum.  My qualifications as an Accountant and Migration Agent assist myself in serving clients daily. My financial and business acumen means that I know that by providing the best price, service and staying up to date with my knowledge of Migration law I can provide the best service possible to clients, their families, friends and colleagues.

Australian Culture:

  • Recognises that your autonomy and liberty is sacred;
  • Accepts that all cultures are diverse and were-possible should be embraced;
  • That all people are equal in society and before the law;
  • Recognises your right to a religion without fear of persecution;
  • Encourages healthy family dynamics;
  • Places an importance on higher education and technical trades;
  • Recognises that your standard of health is important;
  • Recognises the importance of it’s culturally and linguistic diverse communities and the contributions they make to our way of life;
  • Has a strong rule of law and that no laws may be implied prejudicially or unfairly.

Australia is home to some of the highest living standards and as a country is committed to ensure that you feel welcome and respected. Equiborder embraces cultural diversity and encourages the education of Australian communities of the importance of migration past, present and future.  Neha is regarded as a competent, diligent and respectful Migration Agent. She is considered extremely honest in her dealings with clients. She will take and advise on all business, providing you with legitimate options and the likely hood of success.

A Migration Firm with a person touch

Here at Equiborder, we focus on providing the best migration advice available to ensure that our clients avoid an excessive migration assessment process. Located in Constitution Hill, we currently serve the following areas: Parramatta, Blacktown, Penrith, Redfern, Rosebay and Bondi.  We also provide bespoke migration advice specific for businesses. Be sure to read from our blog and follow us on social media so you can stay up to date with suggestions on the newest university courses, travel destinations and changes in Job demand.

3 Skilled Jobs that are in demand:

Registered Nurses, over the next five years have very strong growth outlooks, the prestigous and well regarded job comes with $1480 in weekly pay on average. Hours of work average 34.7 per week and requires a 3 year bachelors degree full time. 

Construction Managers, over the next five years have strong growth, this well regarded job comes with $1719 in weekly pay on average. Hours of work average 44.6 hours a week and requires 5 years experience in building and managing construction projects, most Construction Managers have a degree.

Actuaries and Statisticians, over the next five years have strong growth. This job is prestigous, well respected and comes with a well above average wage. Hours of work typically range from 35 to 47 hours per week and requires a bachelor and masters degree.

Australia has been rated number 2 in the world for standard of living according to Human Development Index data.

Our services.

Visitor Visa

You could be visiting friends, family or even be on a businss trip. Let us know! Click here for a Visitor Visa.

Student Visa

Interested in studying in Australia? We can assist with your bachelors, masters or even doctoral programmes. Click here for a Student Visa.

Skilled and Working Visa

We’ve got the expertise, you’ve got the skills- Let’s get your settled in no time. Click here for a Skilled and Working Visa.

Family Visa

We are proud to bring families together. Let us help your family reach their destination. Click here for a Family Visa.




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